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Drag City:DC reality show is a DC Base reality Show produced and directed by DC's OWN female impersonator Shi-Queeta-Lee 
The shows are base on Drag Queens "Giving Back To The Community One Show At A Time" just showing another of the Drag Community.

Drag City:DC Ep. 9 reality show Season II The Queen,The Walk,

The Mayor 

Drag City:DC Ep. 10reality show Season II The Makeup,The Show, The Award  

Drag City:DC Ep. 11 reality show The Chat, The Republican, The Dinner 

Drag City:DC Ep.12 Epiphany B. Lee B-Day 2012/ DCDC performs for Youth Pride 2012 

Drag City:DC Ep.13 Shi-Queeta-Lee's debute new Single, Chanel's testimony, Epiphany gets apartment 

Drag City:DC Ep. 14 Giving Makeover to Future Drag Queens/Wanna B's A Chance to Learn